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Welcome to my Diablo HomePage! This is my personal cyberspace! Last updated 19/May/1998

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Please note that because of the patch it is not possible to use the 1.0 cheats on The only present way to cheat is to install Diablo again into another directory, create a modem game, and use the cheats like item editor in the modem game. Then go back to your patched version of Diablo, go on and you character will have the cheated stats or weapons or whatever. (Rumor has it the Enigma is coming out with another Diablo trainer that will work even with the patch.)

The page is constiently being updated

The New Patch (v1.03) is available!!!

Without any warning ;-) Blizzard released a new patch for Diablo: v1.03 It makes all the nice hacks for v1.02 unuseable. But there will be new hacks for Diablo...... One thing that's also gone: If you hack your Mana, it will go down without the possibility to fill it with potions. Maybe the same will happens if you hacked your HP's. :-) Nevertheless it's still possible to powerup your hero, by using the old workaround from patch v1.02, 'cause all three versions of Diablo use the same savefiles. :)

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